Dear Relatives,
I would like to share some feelings and blessings. They can help us but they have to hear our voices. They can help us but they must hear the beat of the drum. The whispering love. The direction, the natural flow that all can have when shared in a way that when I need water it flows my way and when you need water it flows your way. That when we arrive to a pool we have searched for, for days, we would give it to our Brother or our Sister. Bless direction feel space should replace emptiness embrace into one through thought blossomed light. Sending love and blessings to humanity. I love you all. May you all feel love and emanate its grace. JL, aqua child, clouds in the sky rise up and fall down, bring unity all around

The universe is a wonderful parent. If only we listen *•♫♪♥♪♫•* Rainbow Mother Esta Laughing Matriarch Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

I am perfect and I radiate. I trust my soul, eternal wisdom always knows, the bridge into tomorrow, and bridge to yesterday. And I find myself, learning of extraordinary ways. I am perfect and I radiate.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainbow Warriors Sing Their Heart

Singing in the Rain, keeps me young again! It's my heart of Gold, where all things do grow. Come and be with me and I will be your Spring. Come and hold my hand, and I will understand. What can a woman do, but hold your heart to the land. She gifts you everything and all she wants is love. Don't we find this a heaven's glow, where all does spring and grow? I know this is hard to stand upon the darkness pure! But if you hold my heart today, and sing to me in the wind, then I will be the heart of you, where all should be for sure. And woman brings the heart of love, to all can be pure, if only we could recognize all that complaints for sure. She is hard to hear your wretchedness and all you put into shame. She say, "Why don't you forgive them child, for they know not their names." Well is deep inside of me, and there is where my heart can sea, the place I go to roam each night I fall to sleep. And in my heavens do I bless, the heart of all that comes to rest upon the Hill of Longevity, the eternal circle of love.

Drumbeat from Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star!

It's time to come home, my children, Great Mother Roams. She tells us to be good little children for this day. For Father has been away (tears), conquering up the battle fields, to get us to the top of hill this day. And now it's time to come home. It's time to finally roam across the hills and planes, to all the foreign grays (grandmother space, the embrace of darkspace, when we fly in our souls, the heartbeat over rolling hills in time we call evolution). Now where do I go from here? I want you to know it's time, that Great Father from Heaven come home upon this land. We need all our Soldiers to defend the heart of love, to come to rescue all the Soldiers who have greeted all the dust (the red road, the breath of life, the law of love). And when our Rainbow Warriors remember who you are, then you will embrace each others, as if from distant stars, and we can be a family, the kinsmen who knows you, the heart of all the people that says, "I love you!" (tears)


Now my Devoted Rainbow, I've missed you so much (tears) and I won't be happy until you find the dust. And if you can come embrace me, then Heaven door will fling, open to Paradise, the gate to all who fulfills. And Earth is but a Holy ground, the Holiness we adore. The gift to the People (tears) and all who are willing to come near. There inside the darkness, is heaven that's come home. Won't we let the heartbeat dance and ever roam. We need our footsteps truly, to find the gate to home. The place we call paradise, the yard, where we are free to roam. Now, we can be this Heaven (tears). We can be this door (crystalline stone river)! We can be forever, if you just shake for sure. All you have to do inside, is sing and dance your song, just feel the heartbeat (tears) in each and everyone (more tears).


Paradise can come home, when you choose the loving road, the blue that God sent you, the stars of up above. And in the darkness we call heaven, is where we do roam, it' just we need to bring Heaven down upon the dust. Down upon the dust. Take my hand will you, just open up your heart. Forget you have intelligence that's got you here this far. But inside of you is joy awaiting (tears) when you choose to dream (more tears), there is heaven surely, just like a newborn kid (lamb of god). And now we can be children, where we can dance and sing (more tears). We can follow dreams and everyone will sing (join in). And that will be the day of cleansing when we can raise our voice, the united call of Oneness is where we start our DANCE (tears).

SILENCE with Drumbeat (take a moment and feel your heartbeat)

Today is the call of many, who reach into the stars, but we must bless the darkness and bring home all the dust, for we shall be the good hearted who captures all impure. And we shall say, "Lets be righteous and bring them all home to stay".


What can we do but go with the wind, the call of all that's known, the sky above, the tears that flow, that raindrop from my heart. And now we are coming home, where Earth can come home. They will be embraced by heaven when they look at the SUN, the heart that's filled with DREAMTIME, awake (luminous) or on other shores (numinous). All we have to do is offer blessings to all you do this day, that this is here for a reason, to gift you the land of pure. The land we are going home to the shadows that has roam, and now we're going to bless them, and bring them home again. It's been so long, for this day to arrive, the song upon my Soul, but I am here, to journey what is near, the heart inside, my home!


Thank you God of Oneness, you give yourself some glee, for you are part of this Greatness, a place we call to thee. We belong to the Creation, that's come throughout all time, for we are going to be shadows that blind the land who's unkind. For blessings will surely, come to make a mighty stand, and we can open portals, to far and distant lands, but we must take a promise, the hold the hearts of pure, and defend all the helpless who need the Warriors Pure. The Rainbow Warriors heart that comes, to save the heart so near. And we can offer blessings, when we can bless the shores. For inside of blessing, the impure bleeds to dust, and they return to homeland, the heart that comes to roam. To be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (long e, the sound of flight), is not eas sssssssssssssssss (the sound of the law of love, the power of the snake that embraces, like Holiness or Sacredness within Grandmother dark "numinosity" space, which is unseen but always present embracing our luminosity) yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (long e, the sound of flight). To be free is not clear. But if we hold the hands of God, the hands of all who's near, then we can open portals of love, that strips the impure to come home. For only blessings will offer, the sacred fire that burns, the oneness who is pure of heart is the one who comes for more. The one who comes to you when you're yelling. The one who comes to your shore, when you are full of feeling that grab a heart for sure. And I can come towards you and I can bless your shore, for we must forgive each other, to know the wisdom of love. We must forgive each other to know the wisdom of love.


Take a stand and understand that blessing free us deer (the journey of life over the rolling hills, waves forms). And we can open portals, where all can come home deers. It's four sacred directions, the House of God that stands. This is where Great Spirits come home to greet our hearts. Let us be WARRIORS who come home and defend the land. Who bring all the people, to their knees to understand, that we must pray for salvation, for blessings bring us near, to purify, our heartbeat, the understanding of all land. The understanding of our hearts, the understanding of our fears, the understanding that we belong, to the ONENESS that appears. We are not separate from each other, even if we think we have the upper hand, for only in Salvation, will servants rule the land.


It's time to bring the heartbeat home to all who roam the ones who seek the promise land, the ones who call it home. This is earth, the pure of salvation. The place where the fire does roam. And we can bring it home with us, when love rules the land. Heaven our darkness will confide us, to open portal doors. And Earth will receive us, to build a distant shore. And together, we will be mountains, where rivers form below. And our TEARS will climb mountains, to show the world, I've come here! To show the world, I've come here (Irish sounding in I've or I have, a free spirit who roams the land of rolling green hills.) And we will know brothers, who come to sail to us, to be inside of devotion, to know the living dust. The heart of all our relatives, who come home to travel so far. And they have made a circle, to begin again, to sound a shore. We have come to sing and dance again, to bring travelers into our hearts. For we can live inside mountains, when we know how to shore. This place within the darkness, the shadows that need come home. This place only needs WARRIORS, the RAINBOW that knows more. And we can fill the heartbeat when we just learn to dance, to become the sacred, the blessed who comes to dance.

Hey Ya Hey. Hey Ya Hey. Hoh! Hoh! Hoh! Hey Ya Hey ....................
Hey Ya Hey............................... Hey Ya Hayaaayyy. Hey Ya hey.

My MOTHER (great spirit mother) told me, that all is sacred dust. And we are just particles, who live inside the pure. The streaming lights that embrace us, is only blessed hearts, the ones who come for blessings to endure another shore. For we must fight a battle, to defeat the impure. But we can only defeat them, when we embrace their shore. And we can only do this, if we bring blessings pure. And we can be true WARRIORS who come to distant shore. We bring law of love to you, where you are my relative for sure. You are part of me this day, the part that tears away. And I cannot endure your pain anymore, I will bless you to impart, that there is more outside this door, if you can only start. START your blessings, use fire every day. Keep a heart of knowledge, that says, I don't walk away. I will stand my ground today, and I will wait for the embrace, for we can hold up mountains, when we are hearts of GOLD. The dream we have awaiting inside our hearts of Gold. The dream we feel ticking inside a beat of this shore. I am God tells me. I am, that's for sure. Then I must have a heartbeat, that longs for distant shores. The place that I call a dwelling, the heart of my relative who is near. This is called our Paradise, when we show up for the pure. The pure of heart inside of you, the song of your dream for sure, but you need only whisper to God who is near. Look inside of darkness and look outside to light, for both are part of creation, the place we call our home.

Dance and sing and glory be. Dance and sing to God, for we are going home this day, the ONENESS of all shores. The heart beat of Oneness, when they know love this day. When they throw away the keys, and freedom blasts the air. The mighty winds are calling, they tell us it's so near. And how can we blossom if we don't listen dear. We must use a heartbeat that sings out mighty songs, and we can be forever, when we follow the land with law. The law of love will guide us, where we are pure of heart. Just sing out loud today and be free, be a child, be a song, be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (evolution). And now I say, my darlings, I've come to hold your hand, and if you open your heart for me, then I can go to distant lands, where paradise does roam inside, when we battle for love each day. When a RAINBOW WARRIOR shows they will stand on ground, the ground that is dust, we love to roost, the sacred home of LOVE.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother sings for the Rainbow Warriors!
Heartbeat drumming by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star!

Fire Offers Purification

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Thank your for your comments Relatives of the Rainbow, The Rainbow Warriors have begun the sacred walk/march on the Red Road, the law of love. We are of many colors (of the rainbow) and the heart is unified and all problems of darkness is solved into glorious springs that flow from heaven. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy walk towards your heart, walking and talking our part, "Heal the world, bring heaven home within, let a light from within shine all night long. Welcome home to Heaven on Earth." We bless the sacred nine directions in you, the blue, the heart that lives in the soul of you. We bless you through and through, because we love you!

Aho Mi Familia (My Family),

Bowing to you all. I bless the Sacred Nine Streams and the Four Directions we do all sea. I bless myself to bless the world. I bless you to bless me.

~I wish you well, as you can tell. I love the spring-ness feeling around this time. I love the smell, it is sublime. Like when the bright sunshine hits the dew on a vine. Nothing but nothing gets better with time? Are you kidding me?! Oh, what a line. There's so much of life that's just like fine wine. The longer you wait, the better the taste. We're in no rush, we're not gonna bust. Aren't we learning to be the greatness of US? We will learn patience and how to love the 'all' of us. And won't things be better, when we learn how to trust? And when we learn to forgive and how not to give up?
I sea there's no worries, if in G-ah-d (God) we do trust. And i'm so happy and thankful that i caught the bus. But don't worry if you didn't, don't fret and don't fuss. It'll come back around and come pick you up. On the same road it went down, on it's way back from town. Just give it a minute to circle on back around.

In the meantime, why don't you dance? Or sing us a song. Or sit in a trance. [ :) Meditate ]. I love this life, as i know you dew too. Let's bee the greatness, like she asked us to do. Aho with the love born into you. Here comes the bus...lookey there....right on cue. Now i've got some blessings that i need to do. I send this with love, to each one of you, the brotherhood of the blue and all the colors in you.~

Love and Blessings, and pray for me too. Ask God to help me, dew what I need to do. Thank you.

Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning
Violet child,
{ violet, aqua, magenta, gray: buffalo robe display}
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines

Elder gray child, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Walk and Talk This Way!

We who walk the Red Road (law of love) Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy know that this law means; I walk towards. "I fight to unite broken hearts. I flow with the Blue Road, where my heart knows. I fight to stand up to grow, like a tree with a pole, my soul journeys down to green grass valleys, home of the buffalo roam." Welcome Home to evolution's awakening, the third rolling hill in time!

Our FLESH (luminous) walks with the breath over rainbow waves (tools of light or your four rainbow colors, earthly name).
Our SOUL (numinous) rides the storm (mission this life, heavenly name). We talk to and fro like a wave (songs from the heart) between the blue and red roads, like a snake purifying within. This music heals and joy is known. We journey the path of unity, where the yellow light glows and dreams do show out the perfect window. Welcome to the Dawning of Man!

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

I Bless Myself and I Bless the World


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