Dear Relatives,
I would like to share some feelings and blessings. They can help us but they have to hear our voices. They can help us but they must hear the beat of the drum. The whispering love. The direction, the natural flow that all can have when shared in a way that when I need water it flows my way and when you need water it flows your way. That when we arrive to a pool we have searched for, for days, we would give it to our Brother or our Sister. Bless direction feel space should replace emptiness embrace into one through thought blossomed light. Sending love and blessings to humanity. I love you all. May you all feel love and emanate its grace. JL, aqua child, clouds in the sky rise up and fall down, bring unity all around

The universe is a wonderful parent. If only we listen *•♫♪♥♪♫•* Rainbow Mother Esta Laughing Matriarch Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

I am perfect and I radiate. I trust my soul, eternal wisdom always knows, the bridge into tomorrow, and bridge to yesterday. And I find myself, learning of extraordinary ways. I am perfect and I radiate.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Army of God Plans!

from Jessica "Blue Bird"
to Twin Deer Mother
date Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 2:20 AM
subject blue bird

Thanks Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman, your

Mighty light,
Great light is here,
Yippee,, staring out through my eyes ,,
Love to the whole world .
Today they are my beloved, Beloved,
Joy Laughter Peace

"Jessica Blue Bird"
Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy
Violet Person

Chatting Today between Blue Bird (Jes) and Calf Woman (Cw.Twin Deer Mother)
Jes: Blessings
Cw: Hello my Beloved Winged one

Jes: hey
Cw: How is the deep blue seas?

Jes: wow unstoppable transformation
Cw: yes, especially last week, eh

Jes: Full power. I'm a changed forever again !!
Cw: Uncontrollable! What makes you change?

Jes: Thanks for being ,feel like I've just re-embodied with my spirit ,,, ah I'm single again ,,
Cw: again, that didn't last long! Are you okay?

Jes: Ya . I was sad, but non-attachment serves me well.
Cw: What about gathering of men and women?

Jes: I was single for 9 years before
Cw: We don't have time to be single anymore! We are related and a family, not one over the other one tree, many branches, many roots.

Jes: Yea, we will be gathering. I'm feeling to offer tribal dance workshops ,,
Cw: Seems they could be teaching you to do this tribal work shops, remember where you are? (South Africa) Your gift is organizing, like a father does in a house. They are mother nation, the black people. You are father nation, the white people. You take care of them, and get their house in order.

Jes: Ya and now study politics part time.
Cw: Why they only fighting and bickering down there? And what about radio?

Jes: Time to be deeply involved in human empowerment projects
Cw: She is order!
Jes: I need you to tell me more clearly about how I can contribute to it.
Cw: Look we are broadcasting news. What Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are doing around the world. There is a niche every where! This is White Buffalo Calf Woman. We are Prophecy! This is evolution. There is no way to control, only migrate.  This is called the Great Migration. We are inside the wave...You are the voice of the people the high priestess (violet person).

Jes: Yea there is lots of great work happening here in South Africa
Cw: You know today, I saw a woman episcopal priest with a collar. And I wanted to bend her over, take a blood rope and smack her back with it. This is what is going on out there. Hate and violence and more hate.

Jes: I had a fore running spirit coming to me , cool.
Cw: Yes where you are is mother nation. The power that rumbles comes from Mother (black-blue nation). You have the news at your fingertips. Just this week we have Mountain View police break the law again, and make homeless even more homeless and no one wants to make a difference. Well you have power inside that is uncontrollable, and you are this voice. Broadcasting is journalism. Blogging is journalism and you have much to teach and spread the word.

Jes: Finally I can feel it coming thru, clear and true,
Cw: We have others who do movement, but integration from the Mother nation, wow, more than words can explain, you know!

Jes: it was teaching the will to discover.
Cw: We have many rainbow warriors coming towards us, and we are rearranging the hoops, but we are gathering a good team. Time is in God's hands, we are just players
But do we take our part, do we become the army, that is prophetic? The violet would know, as the army of god. Your final play is to take the place we were born to be, to accept our souls. This is missing in people! They have forgotten their souls but Mother sings and dances in the streets, she never forgets.

Jes: yes
Cw: How do we take this knowledge and make it real for the world?

Jes: I am working on it , being as receptive and possible in this time to understand. first I am committed to doing what I can ,, then everything under the sun ! The ancestors help! The red land and white lion, they are my symbols of guidance and balance, y being a living example of spirit in a body. Rising above frustration , mastering the moment ,music and chanting , ceremony of oneness ,
Cw: I will sing now.

Jes: blessings, so lovely to connect.
Cw: there seems that time is on the edge of a hill, and I don't see over the top of the hill. I want to sea the wave that comes my way, but I don't find my heart over looking the hive. This is the way most all of us survive, but if we concern ourselves with only this tune, then what do we have left to give to every one, we need to give them more than simply words. The darkness does greet in our hearts every day, but we all express the way it used to be the change we need is simply shift me to thee, and we are not going here when we succeed.

I want to be shade with a breeze and love that grows inside the hive with honey
they want to know where the blossoms grow but where do the hearts, that dance and sing all day go? They are not happy with what they do and say...How can we know where, the shadow if not blessed, how will we ever find our way?

Jes: I dreamed of great firey tornadoes last night , I had to go with their winds, all was fine , I rather like seeing their power.
cw: the blessed sure to be the great are here to sea. yes dreams that lead the way, they tell us which way to go. and this is the new way, the children do play, where joy makes us truly happy all day...evolution, the red star is coming

Jes: I met a star man last night, he said more were coming. I feel like a light has settled in me . Finally i can shine,,,
cw: yes, settled and grows into white light, the whitey! Where the blue road, soul and red road, flesh, cross to be the yellow way, dream to rise like a star, white, this is the four directions of all life, the house of god. Most can only walk one road.  The rainbow warrior of prophecy walks all four roads, as One from within, like a settled light from within.

Jes: the good news I will share ,,, mmm yes I have been feeling to make more simple documentary, on the outstanding nature of Africa.  Capetown is leading the pack with regards to racial integration and abounding creativity,, its happening here.  Thank you.
Cw: More coming home means more need of sanctuary upon other earth, and that means relatives, who you can trust (love). Good news! But four colors easy not easy to create there. more on mother nation's love inside for her children, who suffer for her children all over the world from within Africa.  Not easy to have four colors portrayed there.  Nature depends on us, rather than we depending on nature.  They are the children, yet we need switch in our thinking.

Jes: I was laughing to myself thinking the only problem with humanity is that they need to ascend, at least internally.
cw: you know I hear of whole tribes who refuse to believe, they have anything to offer to the world
they go without propagation this is such ignorance.  Yes, ascend, and descend, the Indigos (Great Prophets and Teachers) teach this: the perfect soul warrior, who stands sentry who is unwavering in strength while enjoying the world around, like a child, with little clowns.

Jes: Ya
cw: Grandmother Going Places, he needs nature and I too told him that nature needs him inside themselves
all of us ignore what we know.  How do we get past that???? Please my voice of God, tell me.

Jes: ya we are deeply connected to every atom of this universe, this great love has come to reveal itself to us.
cw: you don't understand something about yourself.  If you are having relationships with heaven and earth, then you are doing better than the rest who flat out refuse what they feel.  We ignore what we know.  The power of nature is acceleration there I am sure.  Your idea of power of nature is like the people, are we not this great, and how do we say, we are like this?

Jes: (the energies are illuminated here) its time to open them, I feel like I have been waiting , not wanting to be a preacher, needing to find mastery in myself ,, the light inside us ,, is growing brighter ,,I felt like we were going to exist like never before.

Cw: The heaven coming home to earth, I feel must bear the worst of it all, when joy could be what they are joining, instead they get pain to bear. And this is what makes me think about their ascending so to speak, because they are like children who do not pick up their feet.

Jes: I can inspire their souls surely I have enough love for everyone !!
cw: Elders meeting today! Just a portion of the entry song! Let us find a way now, to be the will of god. Let us dance and skip all day, let us fill our ways. Let us love each other in all we do and say. And when we walk together, we come home to fill our days. Sing and dance, fill your heart, find a way to say. I love you my brother my sister too and my heart is yours today. And we are going home now. And we are going to pray, that brotherhood and sisterhood, will bow down each way, the four sacred directions, that keep up going strong, the wind that prevails and sails away, to come home on another shore. Sing and dance all day. Sing and dance all night. Sleep and eat and don't think twice, when all is happiness, walk in joy all times.

cw: Let me bid you adieu, having meetings all week, to get housing for homeless in stead, they need our hearts to guide them to find the way in the dark, so before I leave you tonight, I gift you your song, for the day!

Jes: blessings!
cw: My wings of blue, I say to you, lets fly away and say hi to you! there is songs to sing, and joy to bring, to bless the tail off every thing.

Jes: Elemental greetings , the thinder in my soul says welcome. Thunder. Wonderful!
cw: Now dust does know the way of go, and I think my heart will sail the flow, and where does the sun go, when I go to sleep, I put my heart out there to speak or to sink. They are now in the laughter of all that you do, they find that God is waiting in all we say that is true, and I gift you the heart of a relative who is true, the heart of gold that is longing for the distant shore. Oh the heart that is longing for a distant shore. Gift the song of butterflies, to flow across the breeze.  Send the willow thorns to give the shock of love.  Gift the seeds of eternal life, while the water blessing give and all I have left to do is grow to what is true.

Jes: Have a blessed day thank you for sharing !!!
cw: Thank you for sharing, my love is for you! Alright, if you have no questions, I must go, I hope to talk with you later on a distant shore.  Love you, your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder

Jes: blessings! Have a magickal day see you in light !!!

Fire Offers Purification

Mother Gives Birth to Joy with Pain and Suffering, the Law of Love
Western Shore
Four Sacred Directions

Aho Mi Familia (My Family),

Bowing to you all. I bless the Sacred Nine Streams and the Four Directions we do all sea. I bless myself to bless the world. I bless you to bless me.

~I wish you well, as you can tell. I love the spring-ness feeling around this time. I love the smell, it is sublime. Like when the bright sunshine hits the dew on a vine. Nothing but nothing gets better with time? Are you kidding me?! Oh, what a line. There's so much of life that's just like fine wine. The longer you wait, the better the taste. We're in no rush, we're not gonna bust. Aren't we learning to be the greatness of US? We will learn patience and how to love the 'all' of us. And won't things be better, when we learn how to trust? And when we learn to forgive and how not to give up?
I sea there's no worries, if in G-ah-d (God) we do trust. And i'm so happy and thankful that i caught the bus. But don't worry if you didn't, don't fret and don't fuss. It'll come back around and come pick you up. On the same road it went down, on it's way back from town. Just give it a minute to circle on back around.

In the meantime, why don't you dance? Or sing us a song. Or sit in a trance. [ :) Meditate ]. I love this life, as i know you dew too. Let's bee the greatness, like she asked us to do. Aho with the love born into you. Here comes the bus...lookey there....right on cue. Now i've got some blessings that i need to do. I send this with love, to each one of you, the brotherhood of the blue and all the colors in you.~

Love and Blessings, and pray for me too. Ask God to help me, dew what I need to do. Thank you.

Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning
Violet child,
{ violet, aqua, magenta, gray: buffalo robe display}
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,

Blessings and Love and Aho to all my family, the relatives of the ancient and holy tree,

All my love comes to you (the children) in the wind, finding it's way past all of the sin. I do not care if you hated yesterday, it is only in the NOW that we can find our perfect waves. Round and round and round we twirl, you do a dip and I do a whirl. The merry-go-round is happy and gay, and we will find family through-out all the daze. Remember that your Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father are watching you ride, they are waving at you as you pass them on by. Did you climb on a monkey for the circle to be, or did you sit upon the donkey for all he can see? Did you pass by the lion for a ride upon the moon, or did you find your little soul just wanted to sit and spoon? It is all alright if that is your choice, your book of life holds all your sacred voice. Just remember to grab for the rings, and when it is time, climb down into mother's arms to dream.

Aho my little children and grandchildren... fly high and fly free, it is glory you are seeking to bee.

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines

Elder gray child, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Walk and Talk This Way!

We who walk the Red Road (law of love) Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy know that this law means; I walk towards. "I fight to unite broken hearts. I flow with the Blue Road, where my heart knows. I fight to stand up to grow, like a tree with a pole, my soul journeys down to green grass valleys, home of the buffalo roam." Welcome Home to evolution's awakening, the third rolling hill in time!

Our FLESH (luminous) walks with the breath over rainbow waves (tools of light or your four rainbow colors, earthly name).
Our SOUL (numinous) rides the storm (mission this life, heavenly name). We talk to and fro like a wave (songs from the heart) between the blue and red roads, like a snake purifying within. This music heals and joy is known. We journey the path of unity, where the yellow light glows and dreams do show out the perfect window. Welcome to the Dawning of Man!

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

I Bless Myself and I Bless the World


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